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Tantric & Therapeutic Initiation
Men accompanied by Célicia. Individual (Waterloo)

You can contact me for more information.


Charte Ethique de l'accompagnement

Tantric and therapeutic initiation ritual, individually, on the inner union of Feminine / Masculine.

Like the unwitting caterpillar butterfly, we sometimes need a symbolic chrysalis to be reborn into a more vibrant life of color and freedom.


Sometimes a man also needs a cocoon of sweetness. A motionless dance to listen to the quivering feminine intuition within him, the one that offers him a dive into its deepest waters to deploy his power as a man from a state of joyful and serene receptivity.


Stop, listen. Fully feel. Telling yourself a whole bunch of stories because the mind is racing; and little by little come back to the sensations, to the breath, to the presence. To discover there an improbable joy - without cause or annoyance, available to be contacted.

From Source: One and Unified. 


This is the proposal of this trip, co-constructed according to your impulses and what in your life requires to be seen, explored, expressed, transmuted. 


Art therapist, poetess, awakener and weaver of links, I have accompanied individuals and groups for several years on their way to more presence in life. The body and movement are at the heart of my accompaniments. 

Tantra is the birth of my first daughter that led me there - as an obvious way to reconnect to my constitutive axis of woman after this profound transformation that is the advent of the mother. What I found there far exceeded that first impulse, and still continues to surpass me today. 

This is the great mystery, and it is with joy that I abandon myself to it. 


4 meetings of 2 hours on the following topics:

  • The wisdom of the body.

  • Rebirth and movement, carried by our incarnation.

  • Union / fusion, carried by our spiritual power.

  • Liberation and Autonomy/ immanence & transcendence, carried by our divine qualities.

This cycle being involving for those who have not yet approached the Tantric path,

a telephone interview is mandatory before committing to it.

You can contact me for more information.

Contact Celicia:

Price: 400€ for the complete cycle.

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