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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word, a combination of the two words "tan" and "tra".

"Tan" is an abbreviation of the word "tanoti" which means to extend.

"Tra" is an abbreviation of the word "trayati" which means liberation.

A translation of these words together would be "Expand your consciousness to be liberated."

Tantra is a set of techniques to achieve this liberation, allowing us to observe the limits of the ego and the subject / object attachment it gives us.

Detachment, as the key to liberation, means loving the other unconditionally and without having any reason to love them.

If I love someone with a reason, a condition, I love with attachments. The originality of the tantric approach is not to eliminate these links or these reasons, but rather to live them and let them die so that they are diluted in a larger than us.

Without experiencing attachment, no one can free themselves from it.

Attaching to eliminate attachment is another form of attachment.

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