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About the internships:

Aurelie Rousseau

I knew very little about tantra before participating in the 3 days 18-35 years old. It was an experience full of sweetness that I can't wait to relive   A big thank you to Florence and Remy who create a warm and caring environment in which I felt free to do what was right for me 

Eva Jacobs

Tantra 18-35 years old. I was afraid it was the new "Tinder New Age", but in fact not at all! A lot of beauty, respect, trust... All this thanks to the super benevolent, welcoming and simple setting of Florence and Remy. I come out of it with a wide open heart and an amp of Love, source and remedy for Everything!   Thank you!

Kim Wata

What an amazing trip and what a fantastic experience 

I was guided with kindness, gentleness and serenity. I was able to free myself, to walk and I had great insights.

Thank you 2 for your welcome and your humanity 

Beautiful exercises to become aware with honesty and without judgment what is going on inside, with a super benevolent group. Rémy's art is the fruit of deep reflection, to make us live a Tantra without complacency, light and deep at the same time, a Tantra from oneself to oneself, with love. Thank you to all of us for our commitment, our generosity and our rich and varied personalities.

Rooo I already want to see you again!


Thank you for your kindness, respect, listening and love for people. A moment of sweetness, encounters with oneself, welcome and discovery.

Thank you for your secure and bright framework.

See you soon to continue this path! 

Love you my brothers and sisters.


Thank you Florence and Rémy, for this beautiful weekend all in respect and benevolence... Thank you to the luminous group, to all carriers of enlightened and conscious exchanges... During an exercise proposal with a partner, in this neutral space of any intent; I was transported in a whirlwind of powerful Energies.... Facing me, without judgement, free from any conditioning... The next day, the after-effects of a serious bicycle accident (neck, spine) had disappeared !! Free and fluid... YES to Life! Thanks.


What a joy these three days of tantra training!

We were accompanied at our own pace by two beautiful people whom I thank very much.

Florence has this sweetness, this feeling, this benevolence which puts us directly at ease.

Rémy, the quiet strength, listens with attention and a lot of respect, adapts, gets involved discreetly and offers us a rich teaching, the fruit of a long journey in tantra.

In a warm and safe environment, we reconnect with our body and we come out serene, at peace and full of energy.

Thanks to this beautiful alchemy, I felt in my place among all these gods and goddesses.

Thank you to them for these beautiful shares. New horizons are available to me and I just want to re-register for the next course.


Thank you Rémy and Florence for your perfect support and your warm welcome. Thank you to each One for revealing themselves with so much generosity and heart.


A journey to the heart of myself, with and through others. Infinite gratitude to Florence and Rémy for the grace of their welcome and the security they were able to install and guarantee at all times, allowing me to let go deeply.

Such immense gratitude towards the women who surrounded me, the men who welcomed me, there was so much sharing, between benevolence and thirst for discovery.

It is an inspiring experience, for a long time.


This course was full of surprises for me, the first being meeting my hosts, Florence and Rémy.

The second being that of meeting a united and awakened group.

The third, to have discovered, through the wise and attentive guidance of my hosts, a clear and precise vision of the bases of Tantric philosophy.

I could still list the many surprises like this, but I don't have the words to express the intensity, the happiness, the benevolence and the unconditional love that guided me throughout this marvelous discovery.

Thank you 1000 and once for sharing your wisdom with me, thank you for making me lose myself to find myself better, thank you again for guiding me on the path and then giving me the opportunity to discover it for myself- same.

Finally, thank you for welcoming my fears, my weaknesses, my sensitivity and my strength without judgment and with infinite benevolence.

And thank you to you, participants and participants for these shared moments.

There are no coincidences, just synchronicities.

Jean Marc

Intensely vibrate our light in matter for three days, pulsate in our bodies, discover our resistances, complacency, dare to venture a little further, contact in us this "fire that burns without ashes" that others call Joy, or Life, Thank you!!!

Your frame is round, organic and offers real freedom of exploration inside creative, simple and powerful structures. Also, this is not the objective but a not insignificant "side effect", these weekends are also a space for transmutation and collective recalibration of the masculine and the feminine experienced in relationship. Heart-courage, honesty and benevolence at the center, we re-love-ution love, the couple, the sacred within relationships.

Remy, Florence, what a gift!


A real gift, a precious appointment with oneself surrounded by wonderful souls.

Thanks to Florence and Rémy for this framework of security, authenticity and benevolence which allows you to let yourself be carried away in this laboratory of experiments!

Discovering others leads to self-discovery.

I find the words very bland to describe such an intense and enriching experience.

Infinite Gratitude and Love.


THANK YOU: 5 letters, a vibration that makes waves... for the setting, the structures, the generosity, the intelligence of the heart, the spirituality that you transmit through your union, Rémy and Florence:

Observing what is happening inside me, feeling the limits and feeling that I am the Whole, accepting my contradictions, sensuality, energy, play. The great game of life. What happiness, here and now!


What a magnificent discovery: this internship opened the door to awakening for me. What sweetness, kindness, care, joyful depth on the part of Florence and Rémy. They were able to create a wonderful chemistry in this group. I felt rocked and confident to dare to take a step in the meeting with me. What depth, what power!

Thank you for allowing me to rekindle the flame of (in)life, the flame of joy. I preciously feed this fire to continue to benefit from its magical rays. Infinite gratitude.


What joy, what gratitude to be accompanied on this path of Tantra, by Florence and Rémy, all in simplicity, humor, humility, and so much presence, surrounded by this group of creative, exploring, incredibly beautiful and powerful souls. ..

Overwhelming with humanity and love...

Hugs to infinity!


Thank you for your simple and yet very enveloping container. Thank you for sharing with this authentic simplicity the philosophy of Tantra by taking us into varied, deep, overwhelming, confronting proposals also and above all, which bring us back to life!

And, I repeat, although this exploration belongs to us, the container is essential to dare to push the doors a little further. THANK YOU !


4 days in residential, WOW

What power, what emotions of all kinds, benevolence, intense moments of sorority and fraternity.

A bath of vital energy whose traces still accompany me today!

What depth in the practices offered, in the support of Florence and Rémi, so complementary...

What a beautiful path that of tantra!

Thank you both for your commitment and the reassuring framework that you create each time! 


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